Stud Service

Stud Services

Successful AI breeding is an art, it starts with choosing the breeder.

If you are searching for a Stud then choosing the right breeder is essential. Timing, collecting, preparing, and shipping are critical. On our site you will find more information on the entire process.

Text/Call anytime, day or night, to discuss your next breeding!

Kody @ 1(270)871-8204


Cecily @ 1(270)871-8212


All shipments are sent in a patented canine semen transport kit, chilled to optimal temperature with cool-packs for up to 72 hours.

We ship fresh chilled semen, normally with FedEx next day delivery, to either you or your vet for AI. We collect semen and ship by 4pm CST.

Call us at your dame's first sign of heat to discuss the progesterone testing and timing, and to choose your stud.

Our guarantee: We want you to have a successful litter and to build relationships. On your first breeding, you pay the $150 collection/ship fee and 30% of the Stud fee. You only pay the balance (remaining 70% stud fee) when you have a successful litter. The contract guarantees a live birth and unlimited retries if you have an unsuccessful whelp.

On your second breeding, you pay just the $150 collection/ship fee. You pay the ENTIRE stud fee only AFTER you have a successful litter.

To get started, download the stud contract and sign/return to us or we can send through email for electronic signature.

If you're within driving distance, you are also welcome to travel to us for contract signing and AI.


In order for everything to be timed correctly, we highly recommend you have progesterone (ovulation) tests done. Your vet can perform a progesterone to pin point ovulation. We then collect from our stud and start the preparation.


We prepare the shipment by collecting only the sperm-rich fraction of the semen, then carefully adding semen extender. The semen is then chilled to the proper temperature by placing it in the insulated shipping container with cool packs. Then sealed and ready for shipment.


We offer overnight shipping service to almost everywhere in the continental United States. We typically use FedEx or UPS.

Shipments to most major cities arrive by 10:30am next day.



Timing the AI
We recommend you do Ovulation tests. Optimum AI is two days after Ovulation, enough time to have fresh chilled semen delivered. Your Vet can perform a progesterone to pin point ovulation. Or you can buy a kit and do it yourself, go to the How to AI Section for detailed information. We recommend shipping the day after a level of 5 and the same day on 8. Always keep us in the loop on test results so we get this right.

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